Introducing a New Innovation

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There is always a gap between the inherent value of the technology designed through R&D and the actual product that is introduced to the market. This is a serious issue and most companies have been known to drop the ball here. Modern technology is moving fast. The ability to put the technology into effectiveness is a whole new issue. It is important for every innovator to understand that the difference between the technical promise and the real achievement could be very grave. It boils down to a number of issues such as the mode of implementation, the parameters of operation and timeliness.

Challenges during Implementation

Every technology comes with a set of challenges during implementation. It takes a coherent team to champion the innovation. Managers are often the best people to make new changes a routine. In healthcare, innovators must empower practitioners to better understand the system. This is the best way to ensure that the new technology is adopted. The full potential of any innovation is dependent of how it is implemented.

Adoption is the tricky part. If absorbed efficiently, the benefits of a new technology are reaped as expected. If poorly timed, an innovation might fail on takeoff. Other challenges include the marketing perspective. It is important that the end users are consulted from the word go. At the design stage, ensure that healthcare practitioners are involved. It helps in appreciating the functions of the technology. This implies the need for the marketers to prepare the users for the new technology. Poor marketing and consultation leads to insufficient implementation.

Both UK and foreign companies that create innovative healthcare products for the NHS market are expected to work with TRUSTECH so as to benchmark their ideas on the needs on the ground. Ensure that your innovation is based on extensive research so as to deliver to the market expectations. This leads to effective technology implementation.