Innovation Partnerships for Better Solutions

healthcare_solutions_heroAre you an innovative company and looking for the right partnership with NHS? TRUSTECH is the outright partner within the NHS. If you develop modern technologies for the UK healthcare sector, or even looking to sell a new service or product into the NHS, then they are the link from within.

TRUSTECH offers commercial consultancy services to both UK and international companies in the development of innovative products. They have extensive industrial experience on medical devices or equipment, screening tools or diagnostics, software or information services, training or education materials. NHS, the world’s most integrated national healthcare system, uses TRUSTECH as their extension organization in assessment of potential for current products and advice on how to develop new services and technologies.

What TRUSTECH can do

For foreign and UK companies, the need for a strategic partnership with them is very important. They can do the following for you:

  • Help you in finding other partners, technology solutions and collaborators in the North West community.
  • Help you to understand the procedures as well as the NHS scope and size of the market.
  • Assist non-healthcare companies to bring forth their expertise and products into NHS.
  • Provide opportunities to access the NHS organizations so as to license and develop NHS innovations.
  • Introduce companies to partners in the NHS as well as specialists for expert advice such as procurement.
  • Provide clinical review on company products and also carry out extensive market research.
  • Assist in trials and evaluations.

The TRUSTECH consultancy services are competitively priced. They are delivered by a team of diversified disciplines within Manchester, Daresbury and Liverpool. You can leverage on their partnership to get accommodation and business support for all start-up medtech organizations. There can never be a better way to establish your company in the NHS than going through their exemplary partnership plans.