Healthcare Innovation Lifecycle

innovationwordcloud400Innovation is gradual. It is a hot topic in the modern age. In the healthcare sector, the topic has been causing spurs here and there. Creativity is often mistaken for innovation. Others mistake the topic with invention and brainstorming. It is rather a process through which new ideas germinate. In the healthcare sector, innovation is not a matter of trial and error. It is a premeditated process that requires a strategy to develop and deploy for the desired results.

Innovation Stages

There are 6 typical stages through which an innovation goes through for the right results to be achieved in the healthcare sector. The stages are as highlighted below:

  • Stage one: Initiation – this is the first stage. Identification of an opportunity or problem is the beginning point. The vision and objectives of the idea are outlined, resources needed are identified and all the time frames are set here. This stage is not that complex.
  • Stage two: Ideate – this is a critical stage. It involves evaluation, sourcing and elimination based on different aspects. The road towards the end result is further defined at this stage. It helps to avoid unnecessary costs in future.
  • Stage three: Pilot – it is important for any innovation to be tried before making the final adjustments. This stage allows for mistakes and correcting them for a comprehensive idea. It is rather regarded as the prototyping stage of the innovation.
  • Stage four: Operations – after a successful staging, it is time to put the innovation into play. The full value is now on a real test at this stage.
  • Stage five: Optimization – while most innovations fail at the operation stage, optimization is very important since the innovator can tailor the changes from the end users. The requirements are tweaked to achieve full goals of the innovation.
  • Stage six: Obsolete – also known as the repeat stage, this is the last step in any healthcare innovation. The solution is no longer relevant to the market. It is time to advance the solution.