TRUSTECH is committed to helping the NHS in their fight against hospital bugs. Their industrial experience is all they need to create innovative Smart Solutions for healthcare associated infections (HCAIs). They have new ways of improving the NHS programs to combat the infections. They evaluate and develop reliable solutions for the sector. TRUSTECH works with various companies that provide HCAI solutions for NHS. Their fee-paying policy ensures adequate solutions in the market.

Their Commitment to Innovative Solutions

They aim at reducing the HCAIs for the NHS. They have prioritized modern technologies as well as efficient equipment to meet the objectives in a faster way. They, therefore, work tirelessly to ensure that innovative and reliable solutions and technologies are developed so that effective solutions are available to NHS in good time. The new technologies under the Smart Solutions program are enabled by the commercial sectors or the healthcare businesses. The need is also due to the need to adopt such solutions in the NHS.

Top Solutions and Innovations from Evaluations

After submissions were made by different companies, TRUSTECH made a stringent evaluation of the various products presented. Below are some of the products that were put to the test in a healthcare environment.

  • MedMat – Bristol Community Health carried out the evaluation. There was primary advantage in addressing issues of fluid absorptions.
  • Nanopool – evaluated at the Southport and Formby District General Hospital. The evaluation showed that the liquid glass coating would help to stop contamination of the surfaces.
  • Medixair – the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Foundation Trust carried out the evaluation indicating that the solution can improve air contamination and surface bacteria.
  • TwistDx – 96% of the MRSA strains were detected within 20 minutes of rapid testing.
  • Inov8 – the device was easy for complementary deep cleaning procedures.
  • Better V-Link –Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham evaluated the product and indicated that no catheter-related infections of the bloodstream. Using the V-Link devices, such infections were known to be reduced.

Other products that were evaluated and rated to be effective for NHS include Formula 429 and AirManager.